Making our community healthier one family at a time

We have one job Ė supporting families to prevent child abuse. Thatís what weíve been doing for over 35 years. We accomplish this by providing parenting education classes, financial classes and workshops, trauma therapy for children who have been removed from their homes, linking families to appropriate community resources, adoption respite care, and crisis nursery care.

We are a non-profit, community agency run by compassionate people. We provide our services free to the community and we desperately need your help.

power of 100 logo

This unique fundraiser is an exciting endeavor to pay off the Centerís mortgage. Paying off a mortgage is a daunting task for just one individual or agency. The Power of 100 individuals, working together, really can make a difference to accomplish this goal. The Center is looking for 100 individuals willing to commit $1,000 a year for 3 years. 100% of donations go directly to pay down the mortgage. Just think of it: without having a mortgage, resources can be used to directly fund much needed services and programs in our community.

Your donation can be used to help pay down the mortgage, feed a child, provide education classes, or provide a safe place for a child to play and giggle. EVERY single donation helps us achieve our goal of preventing child abuse and strengthening families.
Your donation allows us to assist even more families in need. Thank you on behalf of the families and children we serve.

The Centerís Littlest Celebrity.

Bostynís video, ďCan You Hear That Bass, Mom?Ē reminds us just how precious little children are. We are extremely fortunate to be represented by Tana Groverís insanely huge heart and her daughterís adorable personality as they both passionately advocate to keep children safe. Bostynís video has impacted millions. Just think of how your contribution can help impact the lives of so many children as well.